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Sara Janic
Fashion Designer
I was born in Denmark. I then moved to Portugal in 2000. After completing my Secondary education in arts I entered the Fine Arts University in Lisbon but eventually left and enrolled in the Portuguese National Film School where I completed a BA in Cinema Production. After completing this degree I took a gap year where I fulfilled a longstanding desire of traveling to India where I was inspired by its culture, colours and traditions.
Following an old passion for costumes and fashion, I initially started working for Theatre in 2006 and stayed on for several years undertaking several different positions for each play. Alongside this I also worked as a Producer in several short films. Despite the inspiring atmosphere of the theatre world, I felt the need to pursue my passion in Fashion. Therefore, from 2010, I started to work as a freelance designer, firstly by collaborating with design studios, and then by creating both my personal creations for third-party shops and commissions for performing arts shows.

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